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Cleanroom Wall and Ceiling System

Ceiling By joining the new utility model system, achieving the significant decrease in construction work. Seal joints are adopted hence no leeks can be spotted, paint finish with clear anodized frames with excellent structure and design Specification Aluminum frame is lightweight and thin. (W50 × H48.5, 25% lower compared with our weight). Frame joints are made of aluminum, consists of three type + (+ S) • T, there is no step on the joints, excellent surface finish and design with clear anodized coating. The joint sealing, packing scheme, there is no leak seal. WALL PANEL AND FEATURES To properly meet with the changes of space. To create refined space environment High fire resistivity Economy Easiness in installing related equipment Perfect airtight effect TYPE OF WALLS Aluminium Honey Comb Panel Aluminum honeycomb panels tend to be the most popular wall panels chosen for microelectronics cleanrooms because of they are non-out gassing, non-particle sh