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Semi-Conductor Fan Filter
AIRTECH’s FAN FILTER UNIT is a self contained HEPA or ULPA filter and blower unit that operates at, twice most competitors’ models. This high air volume allows you to use fewer fan filter units to maintain a specified air change rate and eliminates the need for booster fans on long runs of duct. By reducing the number of fan units you dramatically reduce the power consumption.

Our blower units utilize special low noise fan blades. The blades are coated with a fiber that makes these the quietest 600mm X 1200mm fan filter units on the market at only 50 dBA.

These units are ideal for converting current facilities or upgrading existing cleanrooms to class 100 or better environments. They can be individually suspended using corner mounted eyebolts or mounted on standard reinforced T-bar ceiling grid.

AIRTECH’s FFU feature: 18 gauge aluminum constructions, 14CMM blower motor, can be mounted in horizontal or vertical flow position, 99.99% HEPA @ 0.3 microns, and reusable pre filter. Options available: 99.999% ULPA @ 0.12 microns, ionizer, remote magnehelic gauge, and diffuser.

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