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Semi-Conductor Wall Panel and Floor
Wall Panel and Features
  • To properly meet with the changes of space.
  • To create refined space environment
  • High fire resistivity
  • Economy
  • Easiness in installing related equipment
  • Perfect airtight effect
Type of Walls
  • Aluminium Honey Comb Panel
    • Aluminum honeycomb panels tend to be the most popular wall panels chosen for microelectronics cleanrooms because of they are non-out gassing, non-particle shedding, and anti-static as well as lightweight and non-combustible.
  • Polyurethane Panel
  • Paper Honey Comb Panel
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The load bearing capacity, ventilation and electrostatics of a floor are essential for use in clean rooms. Our access floors meet all technical requirements when it comes to high-quality clean room solutions. We manufacture your flooring systems with the highest precision and accuracy.

You receive our solutions as full panels and ventilation panels with up to 54% free section which we will gladly produce retrospectively as full panels.

It’s not for nothing that we have a worldwide reputation as recognized specialists for clean floor rooms.

Two types of Floors
  • Raise Type
  • Stairway Type
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